Top ten technology blogs in 2022

People are becoming more interested in staying current with the most recent technological trends as they see significant advancements being made in technology on a daily basis. The best technology blogs fill this need and provide their readers with insightful analysis and commentary of the highest caliber. Consumers are more likely to be engaged in discussions about user goods and features, while IT geeks and business people are more likely to be interested in backend development and testing. In this piece, I will provide a list of some of the most helpful technology blogs that can be discovered on the internet, taking into account the reading needs of both consumers and professionals (in no specific order). Also, keep an eye out for the entries that use wild cards.

1. Mashable

We’ll start with the most common ones first. One of the most widely read websites, Mashable has millions of followers across various social media platforms. It focuses on themes that are relevant to its loyal and influential audience all around the world, such as entertainment, digital culture, and technological advancements. It was established in 2005 by Pete Cashmore, who astutely capitalized on being the first-to-market with his idea (Mashable was one of the first media platforms, NOT the first).

2. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is also regarded as being among the most influential technology blogs today. It focuses on innovative businesses, internet-based goods, and recent developments in technology. It began operations in June 2005 and now receives more than 37 million page views and 12 million unique visitors each and every month. The company was established in June 2005. TechCrunch is an excellent resource to consult if you want to stay abreast of the most recent developments in mobile applications, gaming, and startup businesses.

3. Altamira Developers

Altamira Developers is a technically oriented blog that focuses primarily on providing expert content produced by top-notch specialists related to custom software development for Startups and SMBs in various markets including Insurance, Fintech, and Retail. The blog’s primary focus is on providing this content for Startups and SMBs in these markets. Because we have extensive experience and in-depth expertise in this field, in addition to the advantages of bespoke business software, we are familiar with the benefits that data management can provide to a company.

4. The Verge

Along with news articles and evaluations of various products, The Verge also focuses on digital content such as entertainment programs and podcasts, making it one of my personal faves. When the website first went up in 2011, it placed a significant focus on looking forward (something that can be judged from the website aesthetics as well).

5. Read Dive

Why not begin with an entry that uses a wild card? I am aware of what you are thinking at this point, which is that you most likely are not familiar with this blog. Because of this, I moved it to the top of the list. This new technology blog is called Read Dive, and it covers themes such as software development, testing, and finance. It offers information of a high quality, which never fails to capture my interest, and it does it consistently. Because of its fast expanding audience, I believe that over the next couple of years I will have no choice but to place it in the number one slot for grounds other than its rapid growth.

6. Outsource IT Today

These guys write an engaging blog on various technological topics. You will discover here a variety of articles, some of which discuss recent developments in the metaverse or NFT, while others discuss such topics as crawlers and the PHP programming language. Check out the most recent news and research instead of letting it pass you by. Additionally, the group is very involved with many other philanthropic causes.

7. CNet

CNet is the most popular website run by a media network, and it provides videos, podcasts, articles, news, and reviews relating to consumer electronics and technology. With more than 200 million unique visitors every month, it is consistently ranked as one of the most popular websites. It covers mainstream technology news that focuses on mobile, computer, and internet technology, as well as security, tech culture, Apple, and other companies.

8. Kualitatem

In the field of information technology, Kualitatem is an industry leader in terms of Software Quality Assurance. Their blogs on software testing, QA best practices, and practical procedures connected to QA are excellent resources for gaining knowledge about their quality assurance (QA) abilities and experience. In these blogs, Kualitatem offers advice that readers may put to use about quality assurance, technology consulting, advisory services, and auditing. These blogs cover a wide variety of subjects, from those intended for beginners to those more experienced, including but not limited to automated functional testing, performed security testing, performance testing, usability testing, cross-platform compatibility testing, and usability testing automation. Utilize these technical blogs to their greatest potential and strengthen your quality assurance testing procedures.

9. Kualitee

Kualitee is a cloud-based software testing solution that has become the industry standard. The technical blogs emphasize the many use cases of this incredible tool, which include things like building test plans, increasing the efficiency of software testing, maintaining traceability, manually and automatically testing features, and a great deal more. The Kualitee blog also discusses how testing technologies may be used to provide central control over a complete testing project. This kind of management is essential for effectively organizing and monitoring all testing materials. This blog is a fantastic informational resource, and it is equally useful for novice and experienced software testers alike.

10.  Tech World Times

Tech World Times caters to a certain demographic that has a greater interest in more complex issues such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, software development and testing, and finance. It presents an in-depth examination of the industry as a whole as well as individual products, discusses prevalent market trends, and offers insights that may be highly beneficial to both existing companies and new ventures.


All of the blogs that are mentioned above are ones that I consider to be among the best that I’ve read, despite the fact that their positions on this list are not in any particular order. My perspective on technology is that throughout millions of years, there was either no function at all for technology in human existence or a very little role for technology.

But since since the turn of the past century, technology has been pouring into our lives (for both positive and negative reasons), and it is not going away any time soon. And for as long as it exists, there will always be individuals who are always hungry to learn about the most recent trends and news about technology, which continues to advance at a quick pace.