Prince William’s godmother Lady Susan Hussey resigns

During a reception held at the palace on Tuesday, Lady Susan Hussey, who is 83 years old, asked Ngozi Fulani, the chief executive of Sistah Space, where she “truly came from.” Lady Susan Hussey then resigned from her position.

It was “very upsetting” to learn what had transpired, according to a spokeswoman for her godson the Prince of Wales, who said they had been informed of the situation.

“I wasn’t there, so I can’t speak from personal experience, but racism has no place in our culture. The individual should have known better than to make the statements, and it is appropriate that they have now resigned with immediate effect “a spokeswoman for Kensington Palace was quoted as saying.

Ms. Fulani, who is black and works as an advocate for women who have survived violence in their intimate relationships, referred to the interaction as a “violation.”

She said on Twitter that Lady Hussey, who she refers to as “Lady SH,” “approached me, lifted my hair to view my name badge,” and then persisted on asking her “what region of Africa are you from.” She said that Lady Hussey “touched my hair to see my name badge.”

In spite of the fact that she claims to be British, the assistant stated: “It is clear that I will have difficulty in eliciting a response from you on your place of origin.
The following was announced by Buckingham Palace on the events of Tuesday: “We take this matter very seriously, and as soon as it occurred, we launched an investigation to learn all of the relevant information.

“In this particular incident, remarks that are not appropriate and are really unfortunate have been said. Concerning this issue, we have spoken with Ngozi Fulani, and we have extended an invitation to her to address all aspects of her experience in person if she so chooses.

“In the meanwhile, the person in question would like to offer her sincerest apologies for the pain that was caused and has resigned from her honorary status with immediate effect.

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The diversity and inclusion rules, which all members of the home are obligated to maintain at all times, are now being reviewed with everyone in the family.

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