how hunger is affecting the happiness of Christmas

Food-Share Volunteers in the lead-up to Christmas in Maidenhead, which has been helping families for 12 years, are not discouraged by the organization’s twin whammy of impending eviction from its buildings and a decline in contributions.
Debbie Gee has a keen sense for identifying those who are famished.
“You can tell by the way they stare at the food,” she remarked.
The trustee at the food bank has been taught to discreetly pull someone aside and serve them a warm lunch.
They’ll tell you the meal was the first thing they’d eaten since the day before.
Volunteers in the lead-up to Christmas are unfazed by FoodShare Maidenhead’s 12-year history of helping local families despite the organization being on the verge of eviction and a decline in contributions.
The group also operates the FoodShare Shop, a social business where individuals can purchase things at deeply reduced prices, and the FoodHub, a food bank that provides meals to the homeless.
Due to one of the worst economic downturns in recent memory, millions of people will have to rely on food banks this Christmas.
Two paychecks away from the food bank, Debbie added.
What do you think? Is corned beef a treat or a necessity?
“On Saturday, my family and I discussed how we were doing and came to the conclusion that we were OK while others weren’t. My day started with a call to Bookers, where I inquired as to their needs “explained the man who did not want to be identified.
These acts of kindness are not unusual, but Debbie reports that contributions are still low in spite of the current economic situation.
Everyone who attends on the 23rd of December should go home with enough food for a Christmas dinner, including mince pies, pudding, a roast, potatoes, and fresh vegetables.

On the other hand, there is nothing on half the shelves that should contain Christmas gift wrapping supplies.

Debbie lamented, “I can tell just by looking that I won’t have enough to give to those in need this Christmas.”

In case there isn’t enough holiday food given, the crew starts making contingency plans: One participant wonders aloud whether corned beef is a premium item. What about canned salmon instead?