Athenahealth Vs Centricity: The Upcoming EHR Review for 2023 

AthenaHealth EHR Software has been used by over 100,000 medical professionals. You can track patient visits, medication, and consults online without leaving AthenaHealth EHR. This comprehensive solution for medical and surgical procedures aims to reduce administrative burden. It also increases clinical output.

AthenaHealth EHR Software uses a variety of technologies to perform fundamental clinical duties. As well as network services and billing/claims management. The AthenaHealth EHR reviews have given positive feedback about this comprehensive clinical program. Centricity EMR, an EMR module for healthcare organizations, allows the collection and storage patient and organization medical records. This solution allows stakeholders to share their records. Centricity EMR is available as a standalone program. You can also integrate it into your company’s existing practice management software. Because it integrates easily with the hospital or clinic operations. This allows for greater system scalability. Centricity EMR has capabilities that enable healthcare organizations to streamline patient administration. You can also improve the quality of care and reduce costs.

AthenaHealth Key Features

Efficient Organization

This module functions as an EHR database and simplifies the documentation of medical information. The AthenaClinicals solution makes it easy. Doctors can focus on their most important duties and improve their services by reducing the number of files cabinets needed to organize patient records. All records can be moved to the cloud and retrieved easily. You can also update the records instantly. AthenaClinicals is a great tool for clinicians who work closely with patients. You can quickly access records for specific situations and arrange them logically.

Effective Communication

AthenaCommunicator allows patients to quickly and easily contact the clinic via email or online messaging. It can also be used by individuals who require specialized treatment. It is easy to use the platform to schedule after-hours telephone service in urgent situations. This system allows doctors and patients to coordinate their schedules. This can reduce the number of patients who are late or miss appointments.

Patient Portal

One of AthenaHealth EHR’s strengths is the patient portal. The primary purpose of these materials is to encourage more patient involvement. This is in healthcare delivery in institutions such as hospitals. It is easier to bill by using HIPAA-compliant techniques. Payment procedures, and communication between patients and doctors.

AthenaHealth Billing

Customers have suggested that AthenaHealth’s monthly costs of $140 are reasonable, even though they don’t make the cost public. Talk to the seller directly to get a price estimate. If you are interested in finding out more about AthenaHealth and how it can benefit your clinic, you can arrange a demo.

AthenaHealth Demo

For users who want to invest in Athena, the demo version of Athena is extremely valuable. You can then get to know the tools.

AthenaHealth EHR Reviews

Numerous user reviews have praised the user-friendliness of AthenaHealth’s EHR software. Its ability to speed up the collection of payments has been also praised. According to AthenaHealth reviews, the majority of customers had a positive experience.

Centricity EMR Key Features

Fast Data Entry

The system offers several features, such as dictation assistance. This allows users to save time and streamline data entry. Once diagnostic data is entered, the system can automatically map code. Doctors won’t have to manually search for relevant codes.


Providers and non-providers can collaborate simultaneously on records using a shared interface. Each modification made by the providers would immediately be visible on the screens for their collaborators. This makes it easier for employees to update or modify tasks in a shorter time. This allows them to quickly respond to any potential problems.


Centricity EMR increases the operation’s capabilities by making it possible to connect with external medical interfaces. GE supports integration installation to ensure that all systems can be connected to CentricityEMR. This does not cause any disruptions to workflow. Providers and non-providers now have the option to use an ERM system that integrates seamlessly with their existing software applications.

Quality Care

Centricity Treatment EMR’s Quality Care Dashboard keeps track of the quality of care provided by facilities. They can then compare their offerings with industry standards. They can then decide if their patients are receiving the best possible treatment or if there is more they can do to make it better.

Centricity EHR Pricing

The pricing for EHRs has not been made public on the website. Because it can be customized, that is why the pricing is not disclosed on the website. It can also be customized to meet your specific needs. Fill out the form to receive a customized quote. For more information, you can contact the vendor.

Centricity Demo

Free demos are available for all users of the software. Demos can be used as teasers for the software and can be requested at any time.

Centricity EHR Reviews

It’s easy to search, find, and then use. It is easy to fix mistakes, add new information or delete old information. You can quickly open many windows to complete tasks. It can also connect to other charting software, which helps in maintaining consistency of patient data. Sometimes, the information entered into the system is difficult to understand and can cause disruptions. It is not immediately user-friendly and takes a lot of effort to learn how it works.

Final Thoughts

AthenaHealth EHR and Centricity EHR are the best EHR options for healthcare providers. If you need assistance, speak with a software specialist. To save time and effort, it might be a good idea to speak with a professional in this field.