How To Choose The Best Nursery in Dubai?

Education is a basic necessity that must be served to every child. Now, when it comes to choosing a perfect Nursery in Dubai it comes with a lot of choices. You just cannot compromise with any school and ignore your child’s requirements. Rather choose a nursery that helps to grow a child’s curious mind and prepares them for the environment around them. 

It is the curriculum followed by the nursery that emphasizes the learning outcomes. The nursery courses must be designed to help in the child’s development. They must assist your child in taking baby steps into the academic world to unleash their hidden talents and skills. 

Thus, it gets important to find a Nursery in Dubai that can help your child with physical, social, cognitive, and learning development. 

5 Key Factors to choose the best nursery

With so many preschools around you, choosing a specific one that perfectly meets your expectations must become quite difficult. There are certain key factors based on which you must choose the right best nursery in JLT for your child, and they are –

Safety and security of the child 

The safety of your child should be your top priority as a parent. You need to ensure that the Nursery in Dubai you are looking forward to has the facilities for child safety and child-friendly space. Check whether the nursery uses non-toxic toys and follows strict security policies and procedures. The nursery authority must ensure that during their learning session, the child is healthy and safe.

Check the curriculum

It is quite obvious that at the beginning, the child might panic because they have to spend their time in a completely unknown zone away from the parents. So, ask the nursery what would be the daily schedule for the child, what they typically do, whether the schedule is rigid or flexible, and what the activities are. But, most importantly, will the curriculum assist in the child’s holistic growth and help me develop communication and thinking skills?

Stimulating environment

You need to ask whether the nursery provides proper activity areas, whether the classrooms are spacious enough, and whether the teacher-student ratio is satisfactory. If all these questions seem to provide an affirmative answer, then you must go forward with the best nursery in Dubai. Also, check whether they look after the students properly and maintain an environment that encourages them to visit the nursery regularly. 

Faculties and staff at the nursery

The child needs to spend time with the teachers and other staff members at the nursery. So, it is very much important to understand whether the teachers are friendly and whether the staff members take responsibility for the children and are willing to take care of them. You need to ensure that the teachers are skilled, certified, and knowledgeable to teach the students. At the same time, it is also important to check whether the child can interact with the teachers.

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Learn about the teaching methods

There are different types of teaching methods that are applied by the best preschools in Dubai, such as play-way, activity-based learning, etc. So, you must not hesitate to ask basic questions while shortlisting the best school for your child. It must have the teaching methods that you are looking for. Based on your child’s requirement, you must either go for a formal method or play and learn the method.

Meet the best mentors

Rainbow Valley Nursery is one of the best nurseries in Dubai, and they grant the child the liberty to learn and explore. They help a child understand the importance of compassion and empathy. The faculties are available round the clock to help with education and socialization. 

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